In the year 1990, three Italian families from backgrounds in the growing and retailing of fruit and vegetables decided to join forces in order to combat the increasing dominance of the larger Supermarket chains.

The group consisted all of brothers: Tony and Mark Capobianco, second generation fruiterers from the Campbelltown area dating back to the early 1950’s; Frank and Mick Labbozzetta, also second generation fruiterers beginning from the early 1950’s and Joe, Sam and Ralph Schinella, second generation greengrocers originating from Broken Hill where their families had Fruit and Veg shops from the late 1940’s.

The three families were united on how the stores should be run, from the quality of the produce to the high level of customer service, striving to ensure their customers always left the store having a positive experience. With the benefit of having larger buying power, they were able to offer the value for money of large supermarkets but with the friendly service and detailed attention of a small family run store.

Today, Adelaide Fresh Fruiterers is much more than just a Fruit and Veg store. Apart from the vast range of exceptional quality produce, all stores offer a large selection of quality cold meats, cheese, gourmet continental goods, nuts, condiments and fresh flowers.